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Croatian Matchmaker Offers Services to Desperate Chinese Woman

WeiboRenowned Croatian matchmaker Nediljko Babić has offered his services to a desperate Chinese woman who made headlines around the world this weekend after taking out billboard adverts to find a husband in her native China…

28-year-old Huang Lijuan has succumb to years of pressure from her family to find a husband and has taken out adverts on billboards across the city of Chengdu in central China.

“I have a house, car and savings… looking for Mr Right and a happy 2014. He must be clean, positive, caring towards parents, responsible, although handsomeness is not a prerequisite,” says the caption on the billboards which show Lijuan riding a horse in a white gown, and the advert has caught the attention of the man known in Croatia as the Gangster of Love.

Croatia WeekBabić, who is the star of the hit Croatian comedy documentary Gangster of Love, says there is no reason why he can’t spread his business into the Chinese market, because there is a ‘shortage of women in Croatia’ and the ‘Chinese women are fine’. Babić has been responsible for over 350 marriages in Croatia and says Lijuan is more than welcome to give him a call as he has a number of Croatian bachelors on his books. Gangster of Love hits cinemas on 6 February.

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