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Croatia Romantic Destinations

Galešnjak Island (photo credit Zadar Region TZ)

Croatia is famous for its azure sea, fresh air, pine forests, rocky coasts, vineyards and lots of small islands.

The country is one of the most favorite places among romantic couples all over the world. The Medieval architecture here coexists with the untouched nature.

You won’t spend half of the day looking for a deserted beach here. There are plenty of beaches hidden behind stony cliffs, which are so popular among lovers. We have chosen 4 most romantic islands in Croatia for couples, who want to visit this country.

Mljet Island

Mljet (Photo: Ivan Bagic)

The small island of Mljet in South Dalmatia is known as a place where the nymph Calypso kept in her cave the Trojan hero Odysseus for seven years in ancient times. By the way, the legend is not the only thing attracting romantics all over the world to the island. Small villages of the Mljet are strewed with green trees and bushes, medieval churches, intimate deserted beaches, vineyards, and pine forests – that’s how the island of Mljet looks like. This is a dream place for those who are looking for peace and solitude. The Vip dating is what you need unless you want to spend your weekend in Croatia on your own.


The biggest part of the island is a national park with untouched nature. Diving fans have the unique opportunity to see gorgeous sunken ships near the island and admire the corals on the seabed area of the Mljetian channel.

Hvar Island

Stari Grad on Hvar

The Hvar island is a flowers paradise. The Hvar is another delightful place for romantic dates on a vacation. The best time to come here in June, when the lavender fields are in blossom, as well as roses and oleander. This place is also famous for its Croatian wine.

The Hvar is the longest island in Croatia. It is located in Middle Dalmatia and is considered to be one of the sunniest resorts of the Adriatic coast. There are a lot of historical monuments that create a romantic image of the island. Walking along the narrow streets, enjoying the ancient Roman palaces, early Christian churches, and medieval fortress walls – this is what couples all over the world do there. The ancient buildings are combined with giant subtropical plants and trees. In addition, the relaxing smell of rosemary and lavender makes Hvar one of the most popular destinations for honeymoons and romantic trips. Go Date now and your trip to Croatia will be unforgettable.

Brač Island


Those who want their love to last forever must visit the island of Brač in Middle Dalmatia. It is famous for its white stone. The legend says that there will always be filled with harmony and mutual understanding between you if you keep at least a small piece of this stone in the house. The stone quarries are next to the Pučišća town. Since ancient times, the white stone has been used to build various architectural monuments, including the White House in Washington.

The island of Brač is covered with pine forests, olive groves, and vineyards. For many years, local traditions of making unique pink wine and exotic fish dishes have been preserved there. There is practically no heat, as the island is blown by fresh sea winds. A light dress will be beautifully fluttering in the wind on a romantic walk along the rocky seashore. Travel girls are dreaming about you and the sunset in Croatia, which creates a special atmosphere for lovers.

Galešnjak Island

Galešnjak Island (photo credit Zadar Region TZ)

The uninhabited, wooded Galeshnyak is known as “the island of love”. The island is heart-shaped. It was first noted by Napoleon’s cartographer. However, the island has become popular and highly visited by tourists since 2009 (thanks to Google Earth). This island is located in the waters of the Zadar Strait and covers 132 square kilometers. It is highly visited by couples, which makes it almost impossible to find a hidden corner and stay alone there.

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