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Croatia returns to growth of knowledge-intensive occupations 

Croatia returns to growth of knowledge-intensive occupations 

The number and share of jobs in highly knowledge-intensive companies in Croatia decreased in 2020, but in 2021 Croatia returned to its long-term trend of growth of brain business jobs. 

Zagreb remains a strong knowledge region of Europe

The Geography of Europe’s Brain Business Jobs: 2022 Index, from ECEPR, with support from Nordic Capital, measures the share of the working age population across Europe employed in highly knowledge-intensive enterprises, in 31 countries and 284 regions.

Croatia has had a long-term growth of brain business jobs

Between 2014 and 2021, the concentration of brain business jobs in Croatia increased from 3.7% to 4.7%. 

With the importance these jobs play in the modern economy, this was a good sign for the economic future of Croatia. But in 2020 the number of brain business jobs of Croatia decreased, which could have been worrying. However, the new edition of the report shows that this was only a pandemic effect, as the concentration of brain business jobs once again has increased in Croatia.

Brain business jobs are important to fight unemployment

“We measure what percentage of the population in each European region is employed in brain business jobs, manufacturing industries, and professional services. These three parts of the economy are highly value-creating sectors. Our finding is that a region where 10 percentage points or more of the population, compared to the European average, work in these parts of the economy, on average have 2.2 percent lower unemployment”, explains Dr. Nima Sanandaji, director of ECEPR.

Knowledge jobs are resilient to crisis 

“Knowledge is the foundation for attracting investments and creating value in a long- term sustainable way. Through the annual brain business jobs index, we keep an eye on the knowledge-intensive jobs of Europe. We find that these jobs are resilient against crises, and that regions with many brain business jobs tend to have considerably lower unemployment”, says Klas Tikkanen, Chief Operating Officer at Nordic Capital Advisors.

Croatia’s weaknesses and strengths

Compared to the rest of Europe, Croatia has a well-rounded knowledge-intensive industry sector, with strengths in pharmaceuticals as well as engineering & architecture. The country lags Europe in high-tech manufacturing, as well as head office & management.

The top 15 countries with the highest concentration of brain business jobs in Europe

You can see the Index here.

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