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Croatia in top five for most places to swim with excellent quality water in Europe

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Croatia is among the top five countries in Europe when it comes to having the most places to swim with excellent quality water, the European Parliament said on its portal this week. 

According to the European Environment Agency annual report, some 83% of bathing sites monitored across the EU are judged as excellent. This means they were mostly free from pollutants harmful to human health and the environment. They also said that 93 per cent of the bathing area meets the minimum quality requirements set by EU rules.

“The countries with the highest number of bathing sites with excellent water quality – 95% or more – are Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece and Austria,” the EU Parliament said.

The quality of bathing water in several places could not be classified in the current assessment due to the fact that not enough samples were collected given the constraints due to the pandemic.

The swimming water quality at 997 of Croatia’s beaches was tested in June 2021 and then graded into four categories – excellent, good, sufficient, and poor. Out of all 997 beaches tested, 993, or 99.60% of them, were declared ‘excellent’ quality. 

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Zlatni Rat – Brač

Three beaches were graded as ‘good’, whilst only 1 beach was graded as ‘sufficient’. Not one beach failed to test in the ‘poor’ category.

Hans Bruyninckx, EEA Executive Director, said the quality of European bathing water remains high after four decades of action aimed at preventing and reducing pollution.

“EU law not only helped to raise the overall quality, but also helped to identify areas where specific action is needed,” said Bruyninckx.

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