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‘Croatia, Full of Life’ Slogan Comes to Life

Yesterday’s announcement by the Croatian Tourist Board that its new slogan which will be used to spearhead its international tourism campaign would be ‘Croatia, Full of Life’ drew mixed reactions. Some gave it the thumbs up, others thought it lacked creativity and failed to conjure up any feelings, others simply thought it was offensive and hypocritical as it did not represent how local Croatians experience the place.

Two things are almost certain, plenty of money will be thrown behind the campaign abroad and it will be unlikely that someone will cancel their trip based upon a 4-word slogan. The Mediterranean as it once was was a very effective campaign and this one has some big shoes to fill, time will tell if it can do equally a good job. Here is a glimpse at some of the branding which will be part of the new ‘Croatia, Full of Life’ marketing plan internationally.


“We like the uniqueness of the new slogan, because the keyword life does not appear in the taglines of other tourism-oriented countries in the world, and life in Croatia is always perceived as a wonderful experience, so potential tourists will immediately recognize our message,” said Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin, adding the slogan was chosen because of its simplicity and flexibility.

The winning slogan was the joint big of advertising agencies BBDO Croatia, AMV BBDO UK, and DEC BBDO Spain

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