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Croatia Control receives European Air Traffic award

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State-owned Croatian company ‘Croatia Control’ has received a Single European Sky Award 2019 in Madrid. 

Croatia Control, which provides air navigation services, pursuing the basic principle of a high level of air traffic safety in conformity with the Single European Sky framework, received the European Commission’s award for improving the flow of air traffic in Europe and the freedom in flight planning through the implementation of cross border free route airspace. 

“Croatia Control (CCL) received the Award for its multinational SECSI FRA implementation project (South East Common Sky Initiative Free Route Airspace), which went operational on February 1, 2018. Partners on the project included CCL, as well as air navigation service providers from Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. The award was given in the network performance improvement category,” CCL said in a statement. 

(Photo: Croatia Control)

The company collected the award at a ceremony in Madrid at the 2019 World ATM Conference.

“This project will enable airlines to choose the shortest routes connecting Central and Southeast Europe, including the traffic flow towards Turkey and the Middle East. Airspace users will contribute to environmental protection by reducing fuel consumption and decreasing CO2 and NOx emissions with shorter flight times,” said Vlado Bagarić, CCL’s Director General. Potential per day savings could amount to 1,940 NM of flight distance, 285 minutes of flight time, with the fuel consumption reduction of 8,000 kg and CO2 emission reduction of 25,500 kg.

(Photo: Croatia Control)

The project contributes to achieving the European Commission’s goals regarding the implementation of Free Route Airspace across Europe and also fulfils airspace users’ requests for having multiple route options available for the same destination.

The project, supported by the Eurocontrol’s Network Manager, led to creating one of the largest cross-border free route airspace structures in Europe, and is a major step towards achieving the common European Free Route Airspace by 2022.

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