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Croatia confirms four bids for fighter jets from Sweden, USA, France, and Israel

ZAGREB, Sept 9 (Hina) – The head of the Prime Minister’s Office Zvonimir Frka-Petesic on Wednesday said that they were pleased with the bids received for the procurement of fighter jets after the Defence Ministry had received bids from Sweden, USA, France and Israel.

“They are high-quality bids and in line with what we set out as our objectives for the jets to be 4th generation, compatible with NATO standards, and Western technology. That is what we have received and we are pleased,” Frka-Petesic told reporters outside the Defence Ministry’s headquarters.

Two bids are for new jets and two for used fighter jets. Norway had announced that it would bid but it withdrew as it could not fulfil the set criteria. Greece and Italy were not able to respond within the set deadline, Frka-Petesic added.

Croatian Army Chief of Staff Admiral Robert Hranj said that Sweden has offered its new Gripen C/D model, while the United States of America has offered its new F-16 block 70, France has offered its used Rafal model and Israel its used F-16 block 30 fighter jets. 

Frka-Petesic underscored that the Israeli offer guarantees that the American side will be included from the onset of the entire procedure and will ensure a tripartite agreement between the three governments.

“Now that we have received these bids, each will be evaluated based on the defined methodology, which will last one month. We have set a precise date that is only binding for us, 12 December,” Hranj explained. Once all the relevant bodies have inspected the procedure, it will be put to the cabinet for a final decision, Hranj concluded.

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