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Croatia celebrates Statehood Day today

Croatia celebrates Statehood Day (Photo: Bracodbk/CC)

ZAGREB, 25 June 2019 – Croatia marks Statehood Day on Tuesday, 25 June for the 28th time since declaring independence from Yugoslavia.

On 25 June 1991, the Croatian Parliament adopted its historical decision on starting the process of separation from other former Yugoslav republics.

This decision was preceded by a referendum held on 19 May 1991, where 94 percent of the citizens decided Croatia was not to remain in Yugoslavia but was to achieve independence. The 25th of June is therefore celebrated as the Croatian Statehood Day.

Officials will lay wreaths at a monument today (Oltar domovine) in Zagreb for those that died in the homeland war, as they will all over Croatia at various ceremonies. 

A number of other events around the country have to planned to celebrate the day. This holiday, however, should not be confused with Croatia Independence Day which is observed on 8 October.

Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović issued a message on the ocassion. 

Dear Croats and all citizens of Croatia

I extend to you, with pride and joy, congratulations on the occasion of Statehood Day of the Republic of Croatia! The date 25 June 1991 is among the most important in the history of the Croatian people.

The adoption of the Constitutional Decision on the Sovereignty and Independence of the Republic of Croatia and the Declaration on the Proclamation of the Sovereign and Independent Republic of Croatia not only marked the ultimate State-legal severing of ties with the republics of the former State (Yugoslavia), but also Croatia’s departure from its centuries-old attachment to complex State communities.

At last, the name of the Croatian State is forever inscribed on the political map of the world!

Today we remember, with utmost respect, our first President Dr. Franjo Tuđman, who decisively led the Croatian people in the creation of an independent State, and our defenders, who defended Croatia from the Greater Serbian aggression and liberated our country in the Homeland War. This victory marked the final completion of our historic struggle for a sovereign and independent Croatian State.  

Dear Croats and all citizens of Croatia, day in, day out Croatia is becoming more well known in the world for its many successes. This is, above all, thanks to you – its unique people. Let us continue to make our country a Homeland of prosperity, security and pride. And let us celebrate this great day with pride and joy! We deserved it!

Long live our only and eternal Homeland Croatia!

Croatian president Kolinda (Photo: Ured Presjednice)

Although independence was proclaimed on 25 June, due to the negotiation of the Brioni Agreement, a three-month moratorium was placed on the implementation of the decision and the Parliament cut all remaining ties with Yugoslavia in October.

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