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Croat Off To World Barista Champs In Australia

Mihael Putnik, owner of cult Split cafe ‘Cukarin’, has set off to Australia where he will represent Croatia at the World Barista Championships being held this week.

Putnik, together with 53 contestants from over 50 nations around the globe, will serve one beverage from all three categories of drinks (espresso, cappuccino, signature drink) to each of the four sensory judges (espresso-based and alcohol-free), for a total of twelve drinks, during a period of fifteen minutes.

Putnik has taken everything with him to Australia, from the coffee beans to cups to all the equipment required to produce his famous blend. Putnik will get his fresh arabica coffee in Trieste.

“In recent years competitors from nations with coffee plantations have won the championship. They of course have an authentic story more than I do, but I will give everything I have. It is a success just to be there,” said the humble Putnik.

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