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Croat Lives As ‘Homeless’ Around Europe To Raise Awareness

A Croat has put himself in the shoes of a homeless person and travelled 6,000 kilometres around Europe with just 5 euros in his pocket and his dog Evelyn for two months.

Vedran Kohut came up with idea to create for the trip awareness of the homeless problem and the problems they face in Croatia. Around 1,000 people are estimated to be homeless in Croatia.

“It was important to work on a project where people can understand that homeless people are people like everyone else with hopes and wishes and that are capable to do things just like everyone else,” said Kohut to Student Televizija.

Kohut travelled to 11 countries in 62 days and spent many nights sleeping it rough on the streets with just his dog for company. Kohut, who plans to travel again and film a documentary about living as a homeless person around Europe, says that his travels have tought him to value more things in his life. Vedran wrote a blog whilst on his adventure and collected donations to keep him going on the trip.

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