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Close to 1,000 Croatian Doctors Apply to Work Abroad

doctorA Croatian Medical Chamber report has revealed that 923 doctors have applied for documents to work abroad since Croatia joined the European Union on 1 July 2013, whilst 135 doctors have shown interest to work in Croatia from overseas, mostly from neighbouring countries…

Anesthesiologists, radiologists, surgeons and gynecologists,with an average age of 39, are the most common seeking certificates to work abroad. Sixty percent of them are hospital doctors, and only 11 percent are those working as family doctors or in emergency services.

Croatian doctors can not work overseas without permission from the medical chambers. It is not known how many of those 923 doctors have actually resigned and left for new jobs in hospitals overseas.

President of the Croatian Medical Chamber, Dr. Hrvoje Minigo, says that Croatia could soon be faced with a shortage of medical professionals.

“We hope that it does not lead to a collapse of the medical system, but it can threaten the availability and quality of health care and worsen waiting lists,” warns Dr. Minigo.

The majority of doctors from abroad showing interest to work in Croatia come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, with 60% holding Croatian citizenship.

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