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Children Of Dugo Selo Learn Team Work And Logics Wth Professor Figi

Last Monday (April 29) humanitarian magic act show Professor Figi, organized by the ADHD & Me Association (ADHD I JA) was held for the children at the Arcus square in Croatian town of Dugo Selo near Zagreb.

Professor Figi, performed by Mr. Carl Leskošek, is one quite unusual professor.  His magic tool is an old purple book of magic that he inherited 400 years ago from his great-grandfather Figić. But since the professors’ eyes are not serving him well any more, he cannot seem to find the words that are necessary for his magic.  That is where professor’s problems begin, as his tricks don’t always turn out quite as they should. Luckily, he is always surrounded by a bunch of children, who are willing to help him. In return they learn how to work as a team, how to act in a community and how to think logically.

Professor Figi has performed around 50 times in 2013 in schools and kindergartens troughout Croatia. It was very well received by the children as well as teachers and parents. The idea to show Professor Figi to children with ADHD occurred after it received positive critiques by experts in the fields of pedagogy and psychology.

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