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‘Buy Croatian’ Fair Opens In Zagreb

From 1 July when Croatia becomes an official member state of the European Union it is expected that a host of foreign companies will take advantage of the free import tax duties and products will flood the market making it difficult for Croatian manufactures. A fair however organised on Zagreb’s downtown square gets underway today to help promote and keep alive local producers.
“Kupujmo hrvatsko” (Buy Croatian) will be held on ban Jelacic square on Friday and Saturday showcasing local Croatian products which have been marked with “Croatian Origin” and “Croatian Quality” marks. “Kupujmo hrvatsko” is an initiative which stated back in 1997 with the idea to promote Croatian products.
“Kupujmo hrvatsko” will be accompanied with the initiative “Vrijedne ruke” (Valuable hands) which tries to promote manufacturers and their ability, knowledge and skill which contribute to the variety of the Croatian economy.

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