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British Couple to Tie the Knot for 60th Time in Croatia

A British couple who have exchanged wedding vows 59 times all over the globe, have chosen the Croatian island of Krk for their 60th ceremony.

Alex and Lisa (pic: 2people1life Facebook)

Alex and Lisa (pic: 2people1life Facebook)

Alex Pelling and Lisa Grant from Hull in England have been travelling the world and tying the knot. Each country they visit they have a wedding ceremony in line with local traditions. Their journey so far has seen them experience so weird and wacky weddings, including a traditional Andean ceremony in Peru and a traditional tribal do in Panama, where all guests were topless.

The pair, who do the bulk of their travel in a camper van to keep costs down, will now make have a wedding ceremony in Croatia on Tuesday (24.09). The wedding will be held at a lighthouse on the island. Alex and Lisa came up with the idea for this adventure two years ago when the two of them could not decide on a unique, special and memorable place to get married. After selling their home and businesses, the couple started searching for the perfect spot to get married. They have been all through the Americas, visited Europe and North Africa, and after the Croatia adventure, they are off to South Africa, Asia and Australia. For more on Alex and Lisa’s adventures, visit their blog here.

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