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Brain Drain From Croatia a Concern For Health Ministry

doctorThe brain drain of Croatia’s doctors exiting the country once the nation joined the European Union at the start of July was predicted, as the temptation of salaries up to as much as 10 times more abroad proves too much of a temptation.

In July 36 doctors left the country to take up positions overseas, and the stats are concerning the Croatian Medical Chamber. Croatia currently lacks around 1,200 doctors and if the trend continues how it started in the first month since Croatia’s accession to the EU, then Croatia will be left without as many doctors as there were that graduate from medical universities in a year. More than 450 doctors retire each year also meaning the Croatian government will have to look at ways to keep doctors in the country. Joining the EU also had the same effect on the medical profession in Poland. When Poland joined the EU in 2004 around 2,500 doctors left the same year. After that the number dropped to an average of 600 on average leaving every year.


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