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Big-Hearted Retired Cop Opens ‘Last Hope’ Shop Where Everything is Free

KrapinaA former policeman in the northern Croatian town of Krapina has opened a store for the poor, where families and individuals in desperate financial strife can help themselves to what they need off the shelves….

Retired police officer Mirko Prelčec (46) wanted to help out those who everyone has turned their back on, and has done something about it by opening a store called ‘Last Hope’ where the contents on the shelves are free.

“I am only dong what institutes should be doing,” Mirko, who is no stranger to humanitarian actions in the town, said to daily 24sata.

The goods on the shelves at Miirko’s store, which include a range of necessities such as oil, sugar, flour, and hygiene products,have no prices on them.

“My husband and I are unemployed, we have four kids and it is hard to survive on social help and feed the kids,” Marija Cvrtila (28) said, saying that Mirko personally found them and offered them help.

“These people need help, they can’t alone. Nobody visits them, nobody helps them. A lot have legal rights for a range of help, but never get any because they are not capable of fighting for it themselves. I do not want an inert society which politicians have created. Everyone should be given a chance, we have to help each other,” said Mirko.

“We need clothes and shoes for people older than 14, and furniture for the disabled. Anyone wishing to help can call me and donate @ Zagrebačka banka. IBAN: HR8123600001102411090 or E-mail:[email protected]” (pic: Fenix)

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