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Best places to eat ice cream in Zagreb?

Where to eat the best ice cream in Zagreb?

By Iva Ralica

The capital of Croatia is a beautiful place to see with a lot of sights and attractions. Checking it out can be hot work, especially in the middle of summer.

No better way to cool down or take a break from sightseeing than to grab an ice cream. Zagreb is home to some fantastic ice cream parlours and we have picked out just 6 top ones.

1. Amelie


Big portions in a cozy space or on a pretty little terrace in the center of the town overlooking Vlaška street and the main square with the most delicious ice cream in hand… Dream come true. It offers some interesting flavours, such as the one bearing the cafes name (Amelie) as well as the “ordinary” ones, and it does not disappoint.

Address: Vlaška 6

2. Millenium


Settled near the main square in Bogovićeva street, famous patisserie found its perfect spot. Offering a great variety of flavours, you will surely find something for your exceptional taste. Even though the prices are a bit higher than usual around the town, you will taste some of the best examples there are. Of course, it is a subjective thing to say, so let’s end with – you will probably be satisfied.

Address: Bogovićeva 7

3. Na cesti b 041

Na cesti b 041

An elegant space awaits you in Masarykova street where you can find a wide range of excellent ice cream flavours. Chocolate mixed with cinnamon or menthol, cheesecake or a simple vanilla and strawberry will win you over in no time.

(Na cesti b 041)

Na cesti b 041

Prices are around 10 kuna as well, but you sure won’t get a small portion. Eventually, you will end up full, but a craving for more.

Address: Masarykova 25

4. Orijent


Its long tradition made Orijent a well-known place. Even though it is not in the nearest center of the city, located near Kvatrić, it offers some delicious flavours. Don’t be surprised by the interior, it’s not extremely beautiful, but the ice cream is what counts! Interesting combinations such as the flavour of lavender and honey sure makes an appealing call, so be sure not to miss it.

Address: Maksimirska 34

5. Zagreb


Masarykova hides another patisserie with a long tradition. Here you will find some of the best examples of chocolate and vanilla ice creams, as well as the other unique flavours. Creamy and delicious is what defines the ice cream made in Zagreb.

Address: Masarykova 4

6. Vincek

Vincek on Iliica in Zagreb (Photo credit: Vincek)

A family-run business which changed the cake and pastry image in the Croatian capital Zagreb.


The Vincek cake and pastry shop was founded in 1977 and today is still a popular place to get cakes, fancy biscuits, chestnut puree, and ice cream.

Address: Ilica 18

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