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Best Ćevapi in Zagreb? 5 Top Places in Town

Where to eat good ćevapi in town (Photo: Chevo’s Grill)

Croatia has a few adopted national dishes, like burek and ćevapčići, or ćevapi. 

Whilst ćevapi may not have originated in Croatia, a number of places have mastered them. Tourists visiting often seek them out to try so here is some help finding some great ćevapi in the capital Zagreb. 

There are obviously lots more great places to indulge in a hearty portion of ćevapi in town but here are just a few where you definitely won’t be disappointed.


(Photo: Sofra)

A few locations in town such but a visit to Borovje is a must for the full experience and the best of the Bosnian cuisine. Sofra serves juicy, succulent and very tasty ćevapi with kajmak. The portions are filling and the lepinja is tasty. The meat platters gives you a chance to taste some of their other specialties. 

Address: Ul. I. gardijske brigade Tigrovi 27


(Photo: Kitchen & Grill Plac – Zagreb)

In the centre of Zagreb, near the famous Dolac market, one new place with great ćevapi has emerged! Tasteful grill specialties, ćevapi, pljeskavice and interesting hamburgers are a reason great enough to add this spot to this list. A great flavor of the soft ćevapi and a cozy inside style will surely make you come more than once.

Address: Ul. Pod zidom 1A


(Photo: Chevo’s Grill)

Located in Novi Zagreb, Chevo’s is relatively new and it has a classic steakhouse feel to it. The ćevapi are delightful and very juicy. They are served with perhaps one of the best lepinja in town. Great service and other dishes on the menu too.

Address: Adamićeva ul. 1


Conveniently located near the main Branimir Cinestar cinema in town , MS Grill has quickly developed a reputation for their ćevapi which are succulent, tasty, fresh and affordable. The chef always rests the meat and the quality is always consistent. The interior is basic and and gives you that old school feeling.

Address: Draškovićeva ul. 57

BISTRO MZ (Kod Srbina)

(Photo Instagram)

One of the spots to try the best of the best is a well-known Bistro MZ in Ravnice and Mitnica on the west side of the city, Črnomerec. Oriented on a national cuisine, this restaurant is always on the top of the lists for the best ćevapi and pljeskavice in town.

Address: Aleja Antuna Augustinčića 8


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