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Best beaches in and around Dubrovnik


by Iva Ralica

The Pearl of the Adriatic, the beautiful Dalmatian city of Dubrovnik is probably Croatia’s most well known destination. If you are looking to cool down and chill at a beach, here are some of the best beaches in and around Dubrovnik worth checking out. 

1. Banje beach

One of the most popular beaches on the Adriatic coast, Banje beach offers one of the most spectacular views of the city. It is a pebble beach perfect for families with kids, but be sure to expect crowds during peak season.

2. St. Jacob (Jakov) beach

If you’re looking for a relaxing spot this is the place to go. It is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches around Dubrovnik that offers a gorgeous view over the city and the island of Lokrum.  This pebble beach is just a half an hour away from the Old city, but it is also reachable by car. Still, to reach the shore itself you will have to walk down 160 stairs. The other option would be reaching it by boat. The beach is surrounded with cafes and there are parasols available to rent so here you could easily spend the whole day.

3. Kupari

This sand beach is settled beneath old and once fabulous hotels which make it a place filled with history.  Even though surrounded with abandoned places, this spot is very welcoming and the ruins are only the evidence of once rich and magnificent days and you can enjoy the view of the shore while sitting in the nearby cafe.

Banje beach (Photo: Sarah Labuda)

4. Šulić beach

This beach became even more famous after it became a part of the world known series Game Of Thrones. It is a rocky beach with a part filed with pebbles and it is settled beneath the Lovrijenac fortress. Šulić beach is a hidden gem where you can escape the crowded streets of the city.

5. Danče beach

Perfect for adventure lovers, Danče beach is a rocky place near the old part of the city. Because of the 30-meter high rocks surrounding it, the perfect way to enter it would be just jumping in! But if you prefer your entrance to be nice and slow, just use any of the rock diving into the sea. Since this spot is colder and deeper than on the other beaches nearby, it isn’t really suitable for small children.

6. Buža

In the middle of the old part of the city, beneath the walls, you can find the beach popularly called Buža, or, when translated from the local dialect – the whole. Settled in an unusual place, surrounded by the clear sea and a few cafes to enjoy your drink, this beach is a real magnet for tourists but when you see it you will understand why.

7. Copacabana

In a place called Babin kuk, some 15 minutes away from the old part of Dubrovnik, a pebble beach Copacabana is ideal for anyone who enjoys adrenalin. Surrounded with fun activities such as water polo or waterskiing and a because of the water park nearby it is a perfect spot even for families with children. Besides, it offers a beautiful view over the islands and Dubrovnik bridge.

8. Pasjača beach

In Konavle, some 30 kilometers away from Dubrovnik, you can find an unusual pebble beach called Pasjača. You can reach it only by walking down the steep stairs which you can reach by car. If you are a romantic soul, or just wish to spend some time alone with your family and friends, we do recommend you visit it and you can thank us later.

Pasjača beach (Photo credit: Zoran Jelaca/Croatian Tourist Board)

9. Mrtvo more on the island of Lokrum

Near the city of Dubrovnik, on a small island of Lokrum there is one unusual beach. This isn’t a beach you’re used to since this is actually a lake shore. Filled with sea water, this lake shares a name with famous Dead Sea. Here, the water is clean and the lake is around 10 meters deep so it is also perfect for families with children.

10. Šunj on the island of Lopud

This beach is one of the most spectacular on the Croatian coast and it is also one of the few sand beaches nearby. When you arrive at Lopud you still have to walk for about a half an hour to reach this beautiful spot. It is also perfect for families with children as well as anyone who enjoys playing famous Croatian ball game – picigin.

Šunj beach (Photo credit: Aleksanda Gospić/Croatian Tourist Board)

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