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Award-Winning New Croatian Souvenir – CRO Cube

CRO Cube (photo: PR)

CRO Cube (photo: PR)

Looking for souvenir to take back with you from Croatia? Check out CRO cube, an award-winning innovation created by Sunčica Taslak…

CRO cube is a multi-functional wooden cube which not only acts as a magnet for the fridge, but is also a multimedia tourism brochure. The cube has photos of various Croatian cities on the surface, as well as a magnet and a QR code on one side. Connecting the QR code to a computer, mobile phone or other media, promotional videos and photos of the destination will be displayed. CRO cube can act as magnet and also can be used as a memory game for kids when a group of them are collected. The CRO cube is handmade using local products.

Sunčica says the initial idea was to put photos on a stone, but with the help of a friend they came up with the idea to put a QR code on the cubes which can connect to the internet and display photos and even soundbites of the likes of Zadar’s famous musical sea organ.

CRO cube creator by Sunčica Taslak

CRO cube creator by Sunčica Taslak

The CRO cube has already won a number of awards, including the gold medal at the 40th Croatian International Innovation Fair – INOVA. It also received a special award for the best tourism invention at the 11th Budi Uzor awards for young entrepreneurs. Look out for the CRO cube next time you are in Croatia.

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