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Another Saudi Prince Sails into Town

CroatiaCroatia must have been all the talk in Saudi royalty circles before they planned their holidays this year with another Saudi Prince spotted on the Adriatic coast…

Saudi Prince and billionaire investor Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud made all the headlines earlier this month when he arrived in town to be wined and dined by Croatia’s President and the Mayor of Zagreb on his 7-day stay, and now another Prince is in town. Saudi royal family member Khaled bin Sultan (65) has been on Croatia’s coast the past few days. After spending three days in Rovinj, Khaled bin Sultan sailed on his 80-metre super yacht ‘Golden Odyssey’ to Pula where he took in a spot of gladiator fighting as a VIP guest at the Pula Arena.

Khaled bin Sultan, who is the former deputy minister of defense and a member of House of Saud, is the eldest son of the late Prince Sultan and founded The Living Oceans Foundation in the USA. He was also named the Perseus winner of 2012, an award given to yacht owners who make efforts and contributions toward marine wildlife conservation.

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