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Alarming Rise In Petrol Prices

Petrol prices once again rose from midnight last night in Croatia to alarming new levels. Motorists will have every right to feel they are being ripped off at the petrol pumps when they fill up this week, as prices approach record highs.

Despite their being no major fluctuations with currency exchange rates, Eurosuper BS 98 has again risen, this time by close to 3 euro cents and is now 11.18 kuna per litre (1.48 euro), putting it in the same range as nations in Europe with a far higher standard of living. Eurosuper BS 95 is 10.83 kuna per litre (1.43 euro), whilst Diesel has risen to 10.00 kuna per litre (1.31 euro).

Petrol prices, which are killing Croatian families spending power, and therefore stifling the already hamstrung economy, is fast approaching record new highs which were set in April last year when petrol was 11.32 kuna per litre (1.49 euro) and Diesel was 10.11 kuna per litre (1.33 euro).

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