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Adriatic Sea Unseasonably Cold

There was more sunbathing than swimming going on in parts of Croatia yesterday. The sea surface temperature on the Croatian side of the Adriatic sea in most parts is between 0.5 and 3 degrees Celsius lower than the average for this time of year according to satellite analysis, says Crometeo.

Variations in sea temperatures have been the largest along the Montenegrin and Albanian coast, and also along part of the central and southern Dalmatian coast in Croatia. The warmest temperature in the Adriatic sea yesterday was recorded on the Italian side of the coast, with 26°C around Gargano peninsular.

In Croatia the warmest sea temperatures were in Pula and Lastovo with 24°C, whilst the rest of the country recorded temperatures between 21 and 21°C, with Sibenik just 19°C yesterday morning, considerably cooler than the average for July. Experts are blaming strong winds for the cooler temperatures.

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