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5 Ultimate Croatian Summer Terrace Hits

Music that somehow survived the test of time and today can still be heard along the coast in summer terraces.

Whether it’s just a singer accompanied by a music matrix or a real live band they keep passers-by amused, guests entertained and time safely capsuled.

Check out the top 5 list of ultimate summer terrace hits and prepare yourself for a time traveling experience, some of them are more than half a century old.

1. ROCCO GRANATA – Marina, 1959

Marina is a 1959 Italian song by Rocco Granata, his first international hit, and best-known song. Originally released in 1959 as the B-side of “Manuela”, the B-side became more played than the A-side, and by 30 January “Marina” interrupted “Oh! Carol” by Neil Sedaka for one week at the No.1 spot of Hitkrant’s List of European number-one hits of 1960.

It was #1 in Belgium, #31 in the US, and #1 in Germany. For almost 60 years it has been the ultimate summer terrace hit in Croatia that will make young and old jump from their seats and take over the dancefloor.

2. KRUNOSALV KIĆO SLABINAC – Zbog jedne divne crne žene, 1972

Popular Kićo Slabinac sentiš (romantic themed music for slow sometimes sensual dance) whose lyrics are centered around black haired woman transfers the essence of nostalgic longing for lost love.

The song was written in 1972. by young Kicho who just returned from his trip to US. It was dedicated to all black haired girls, but one in particular, Mira from New York who Kico briefly dated.

3. VLADO KALEMBER – Vino na usnama, 1988

Perfect for those with more dance stamina and endurance who love a bit of summer terrace polka or discofox movements. Just like its lyrics, the song makes you want immerse in summer night craze while forgetting about confinements and obligations. The subject wants everyone to know that she has made him drunk.

4. OLIVER – Nadalina & Adio Bella mix, 1970

When Nadalina comes up that usually means that the dance floor is heated and prepared for those with sufficient energy.

5. MIŠO KOVAČ – Svi pjevaju, ja ne čujem, 1987

No list would be complete without a classic tune from one of the true legends of the music scene over the last 30-plus years – Mišo Kovač. This tune from 1987 has stood the test of time and is also a classic sing-a-long song.

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