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5 Cracking Day Trip Ideas From Zagreb

Stunning Ozalj (photo credit: karlovac-touristinfo.hr)

By Iva Ralica

There is lots to see and do in the beautiful Croatian capital city of Zagreb. But if you are wondering what you can see nearby, here are some interesting day trip ideas:

1. Hrvatsko Zagorje

Trakošćan castle (photo credit: Sandra Tralic)

Visit some of the beautiful castles of this region, such as Trakošćan castle or Veliki Tabor, see the famous monument of the rebellious Matija Gubec and the nearby castle in Gornja Stubica, enjoy the beautiful nature, green hills and picturesque streams or lakes around them. Let your taste buds sing with joy when you try the famous specialties such as štrukli.

2. Varaždin

Varaždin Castle (photo credit: Pudelek under CC)

The best preserved medieval Old Town in continental Croatia is filled with beautiful Gothic architecture, baroque and rococo palaces as well as the 16-th century town hall. A walk through the interesting streets, main square, old houses and Varaždin Castle that guards them is a great way of spending a day in this city. The gastronomic offer won’t leave you hungry, so the fun here is guaranteed – especially if coming while the Špancirfest is on.

3. Samobor & Okić

Samobor (photo credit: TZZ Samobor)

A picturesque town of Samobor offers a beautiful walk along the stream through its centre and a nice view over the surrounding hills from the ruins of the old fortress. Try the famous cake called kremšnita and then visit the beautiful nature in Okić, a part of the Pleševica mountain that hides the remains of the Okić town.

4. Žumberak

Žumberak (photo credit: croatia.hr)

The Žumberak mountains are settled between Croatia and Slovenia. This is the home to unique flora as well as fauna – it hide bears and wolves. But all the paths are secured so you shouldn’t be afraid of the strange encounters. Beautiful view over the surrounding area and nature at its best is what makes Žumberak one of those magical mountains that will make your trip unforgettable.

5. Ozalj

Ozalj castle (photo credit: karlovac-touristinfo.hr)

One of the most beautiful fortresses is settled above the Kupa river. With a beautiful nature and the middle-aged village, a museum today, this city hides even an interesting wine road you shouldn’t miss.

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