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2013 LawTech Europe Congress – Prague

IT Specialists, Forensics experts, Governance, Risk, and Compliance professionals, Information Security Consultants, local and international law firms in Europe, along with computer/mobile forensics vendor companies will get together to exchange knowledge, share experience and discuss the most topical issues when the LawTech Europe Congress is held in Prague from 21-22 October 2013.

LawTech Europe Congress’s mission is to create cutting edge legal technology educational forums that address three core areas, e-discovery, forensics, cyber security, and legal technology . These disciplines are at the forefront within organizations globally and LTEC’s guiding philosophy is to embrace solutions to empower law firms, corporations, and government organisations to reduce risk, limit the potential for expensive litigation exposure and to increase overall competence around these topics. This philosophy is vital in generating significant awareness for legal professionals and the organizations they support. Delegates will be engaged throughout events with advanced topic panel sessions, hands on workshops, and private demonstrations of the latest solutions. The company strategically focuses on best practices and how they fit into upholding a high level educational structure. LawTech Europe Congress has set out to provide relevant solutions and advice to legal professionals today. Those interested in registering can do so here.

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