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190,000 Unemployed Croats Not Even Looking for Work

CroatiaMore than 190,000 unemployed people over the age of 15 in Croatia are not even interested in looking for work (11.3%), according to Eurostat data.

Compared with last year’s statistics,  54,606 more people who are not working are now not seeking employment in the country. Only Italy has a higher percentage of people who are not looking for a job – 11.4 percent – and Croatia’s Labour Minister says the situation is alarming.

“The statistics are the effects of the crisis. Because when people are out of work for a long time then they have no desire to register at the unemployment centre,” said Minister Mirando Mrsic. “That is why we are trying with active employment measures to motivate these people to return to the market and look for work again,” said Mrsic, adding that a lot of people do not bother registering as they have little faith in finding a job.

Only Italy has worse statistics than Croatia in the EU when it comes to people not looking for work (11.4%), whilst other nations are all in single digit figures – Bulgaria (7.7%), Latvia and Luxembourg (6%), Estonia (5.7%) and Hungary (5.2%). Lithuania, Czech Republic and Germany have the lowest rate.

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