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Zlarin becomes first single-use plastic-free Croatian island

Zlarin (Photo: Gojko Vukov Colić/Croatian Tourist Board)

21 March 2019 – The Dalmatian island of Zlarin is set to become the first single-use plastic-free Croatian island.

By signing a charter on Friday, Zlarin officially starts its fight against single-use plastics. 

The signing of the charter tomorrow on the island is a promise from businesses to truly never use single-use plastics such as plastic bags, plates, cutlery, straws and cups, and to support and promote the project ‘Zlarin – plastic-free island’ during all cultural-entertainment events on the island.

Zlarin locals Ana Robb and Nataša Kandijaš, and environmental activists Ivan Kordić and Jelena Radošević were the team behind the initiative which won the Adriatic Plastic Challenge competition and is now being officially implemented. 

The winning team (Photo: Terra Hub)

Over 15,000 plastic bags end up in the island’s waste every summer with a large portion also ending up in the sea and around the island. 

Locals are fully behind the pilot and hope that the idea is also embraced by visitors in the summer. The island, located near the city of Šibenik, has a population of around 300 people which grows to over 4,000 during the summer thanks to tourists and those who have holiday homes on the island.

Plastics cause a big environmental problem (Pixabay)

“With the great desire to succeed, we invite all friends and future guests of the island to join us and actively participate in the daily struggle against plastics,” the Zlarin Tourist Board said. 

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