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Ze Germans are Coming

It has been a long tradition in Germany that the end of the school year varies from state to state. This year the first to break up for the year was the most populous state in the country, the state of North Rhine and Westphalia, where on Friday more than 2.5 million school children begin their school holidays…

With the Croatian coast one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans, the first big wave of German tourists began this weekend in Croatia. Köln and Düsseldorf airports reportedly had more than 100,000 passengers through it on Friday alone, with more exiting the country by car. The next wave is expected this coming weekend as schools in Berlin, Brandenburg and Hamburg close up for the summer on Friday. The Bavarians, traditionally one of Croatia’s most frequent tourists, are not expected until 30 July when their school holidays start, says DW.

More tourists visit Croatia from Germany than from any other country in the world.


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