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Zagreb’s best cheap eats, eating under 50 kuna

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Can you get a decent lunch in the Croatian capital for 50 kuna or less, which is around 7 euros?

Local culinary portal Dobra hrana went on the pursuit to find the best options in town. In alphabetical order, here is their list of seven places in town where they say they would happily return to. 


Dolac 2

This is a cult spot for morning coffee or ‘marenda’ where you really feel like time has stopped. Amfora was also mentioned by journalist Margo Schachter in her article about Zagreb for Fine dining lovers. Here you can eat small fish which are fried and drink gemišt (wine and mineral water) for up to 50 kuna.

The Burger bar

Avenija Dubrovnik – Velesajam

This small spot at the front of the Zagreb Velesajam is great if the desire for a quick, juicy burger comes on. They serve burgers with great meat and buns and you will not spend more than 50 kuna. There are a number of different burgers, wraps, and sandwiches which are under 40 kuna. 

Bistro Kod Vukušića

Slavonska avenija 22D

Again if you are looking for tasty small fried fish, this busy spot offers gavuni fried with bread for around 40 kuna. Besides small fish fried, this busy spot also offers zubatac and octopus salad if you want to go above budget. 

Fini kutić

Koturaška 53

Every morning Mrs. Josipa buys fresh ingredients from Dolac markets and on the menu here there is usually a choice of four dishes. That day they had calf liver Venetian style with polenta, chicken drumsticks with a side, fried cheese on a salad and bean stew. Most meals are not over 50 kuna. 


Vlaška 7

Here you can comfortable enjoy a lunch for two for 100 kuna. Salads are not more than 30 kuna, and you can choose between chicken, vegetarian or tuna. Soups start at around 20 kuna. 


Podbrežje XI br.1

Meals here are not more than 50 kuna. This day they offered meat loaf, mashed carrots and peas for 40 kuna. A meat lasagne also for 40 kuna whilst pašticada with homemade gnocchi was 45 kuna if you go for the ‘gablec’ (snack) portion. 


Ul. Jurja Žerjavića 19

This place offers burgers, BBQ ham hock with sour cabbage and a range of smoked BBQ meats. A pulled pork sandwich costs 48 kuna, whilst BBQ chicken wings cost 40 kuna.

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