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Zagrebačka Banka First in Country to Introduce Video Chat with Bankers

ZABAThis week Zagrebačka banka will become the first bank in the country to offer its clients personal online video chats with bankers…

Zagrebačka banka’s e-zaba service will allow clients to get individual advice and information from wherever they might be – at home, in a hotel, or at an airport. Clients no longer have to physically go into the bank to chat ‘face-to-face’ with their personal banker thanks to their new technical initiative to be introduced this week.

“Considering that internet banking and internet usage is growing in Croatia, and Zagrebačka banka has 440,000 clients, the changes in communication habits and sought after  services, development of new technologies, and the arrival of new generations, e-businesses is the beginning of a new era of banking,” said Zagrebačka banka’s Daniela Roguljić Novak.

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