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Zagreb Through a Foreigner’s Lens

Zagreb’s popularity as a tourist destination has certainly increased over the past few years…

A new feature on Croatia Week will see us introduce some of those people who are either passing through or have decided to stop for a little longer. First we meet Patrik Banas, who gives us a foreign view on the city via his Nikon D800 camera.

Name: Patrik Banas










Where are you originally from? Originally from Slovakia, arrived to Croatia from Switzerland
Why did you come to Zagreb? Business travel and stayed a day extra to enjoy and explore
What was your favourite part? Viewpoint Vidikovac, colorful trams and the fact, that Zagreb fits perfectly to my project Alphabet.

Check out Patrik’s stunning photos from his short stay in the capital:


You can check out more of Patrik’s stunning photos on his blog: http://blog.patrikbanas.com/2015/11/zagreb.html

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