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Zagreb Surgeon Performs Croatia-First Operation

CroatiaCroatian surgeon Stipislav Jadrijević has performed an operation which has never been performed in the country before, and only rarely around the world…

Jadrijević performed a yet unprecedented method in Croatia of removing a tumor from a patient’s liver at Zagreb’s Merkur hospital.

“I had to remove the liver and leave the patient lying on the table without her liver, while on the other table I removed the tumor from the liver and returned the healthy part of the liver to the patient,” Dr. Jadrijević told Nova TV, saying that in maybe 5 years that kind of operation would be routine in Croatia.

Jadrijević’s method both surprised and scared his colleagues.

“At one point we all were actually surprised when doctor Jadrijević announced what he would actually do. None of us dared to question it, it’s actually something that has never been performed her in Croatia,”said anesthesiologist Nataša Visković Filipović.

Just 8 days after the surgery, which took doctor Jadrijević and his team over 6 hours, the 37-year-old patient is up and walking on her feet.

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