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Zagreb More Expensive Than Paris And London

It is more expensive to live in the Croatian capital Zagreb than it is to live in Paris or London, when it comes to paying monthly household bills that is, according to research carried out by Numbeo, writes Vecernji list.

Power, heating, water and waste bills for an 85m2 apartment in Zagreb are 52.85 euros more expensive than the same monthly bills in Paris, a city where the average monthly pay outstrips Zagreb by a considerable amount.

London, on most lists when it comes to the most expensive places in the world to live, has cheaper waste removal bills than Zagreb by 3.2 euros, whilst in Berlin power, heating, gas and waste bills are 41.6 euros cheaper.

It does not get any better for Zagreb when comparing the cost of public transport. Public transport in other EU cities is considerably cheaper. In Ljubljana public transport is 10 euros cheaper, Graz 7 euros, Budapest 14.74 euros and 1.3 euros in Brussels.

Where Zagreb does win out however is when it comes to rental prices. A 1-bedroom apartment in the centre of Paris can fetch up to around 1000 euros a month, whilst in Zagreb the average monthly rental for a 1-bedroom apartment in the centre is 328.46 euros. Outside of the city centre in Paris a 3-bedroom apartment is around 750 euros a month, the same in Zagreb is just 241.42 euros a month.

Bills on a  85 m2 apartment

Paris 138,75 euros
Amsterdam 158,67 euros
London 188,40 euros
Zagreb 191,60 euros

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