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Zagreb Mayor overturns mandatory masks outdoors decision  

masks mandatory in Zagreb

Zagreb (Photo: HINA/ Edvard ŠUŠAK/)

After a spike in new COVID-19 cases, on Wednesday the city of Zagreb announced new restrictions, including making masks mandatory in all open spaces. 

Head of the Zagreb coronavirus response team, Zvonimir Šostar, said yesterday that there would be no exceptions.

“There are no exceptions. So far it has been if distance cannot be kept. It is now mandatory everywhere in the open,” he said.

When asked about those sitting on the terraces of the cafes, he said. “When they drink, they can remove the mask, and then return it immediately.”

Later in the day, Zagreb’s acting Mayor Jelena Pavičić Vukičević revoked the decision announced earlier in the morning, saying masks will not have to be worn outdoors in Zagreb.

“I would like to inform you that I am taking over the management of the Headquarters of the City of Zagreb, I am the responsible person in Zagreb and I am not running away from responsibility. I am sorry that the citizens of Zagreb were harassed by the announcement of the obligatory wearing of medical masks in the open,” said Pavičić Vukičević. 

“I am not in favour of wearing masks outdoors, but I want to say that the epidemiological situation in Zagreb and the country is not good,” the acting mayor added.

“This is an opportunity for all our fellow citizens to adhere to epidemiological measures, wear masks indoors and disinfect objects. Please take care of yourself and take care of your neighbours. I believe that it is my duty to revoke this decision, but to call on my fellow citizens to adhere to epidemiological measures,” she said.

New nationwide measures announced yesterday included indoor training being forbidden, except for professionals, and also the reduction of working hours of workshops and playrooms. 

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