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Zagreb Joins USE-IT Network


Good news for backpackers visiting Zagreb as the Croatian capital joins the USE-IT network…

USE-IT is tourist info for young people made by locals of the city. Currently USE-IT is in more than 40 cities in Europe, and from this week Zagreb has joined the network.

USE-IT stands for no-nonsense tourist info for young people, no 5-star hotels, no fancy restaurants. USE-IT maps and websites are made by young locals, are not commercial, free, and up-to-date. Some USE-ITs also have a visitors desk, mostly run by volunteers.

Every USE-IT publishes a Maps for Young Travellers that will guide you through the city in a no-nonsense way. It is not a trendy guide, it’s about the life and soul of the city.

“Doubrodoushli, welcome to Zagreb! Hope you have your liver and your stomach in order. Both will be tested on every step of your stay! From the ‘scene’ in the center, all the way to the off-the-beaten path suburbs, you will find good Žuja beer and burek. You can also wine & dine, of course, but guess you are not here for that. And our boys and girls are some of the most beautiful in the world. We dare you to explore. Everything what’s in Croatia, you can find in Zagreb too. Well, except for scenery. But once the night falls, city lights and bar hazes will be your scenery. We, Zagrebchanci, come from all around the country, so nobody is really a true local. That is why we welcome you with warm hearts and cold beers!” – is USE-IT’s Zagreb welcome.


(photo credit / patrick banas)

USE-IT started in 1971 (in hippie times) as a low-budget info desk for young travellers in Copenhagen, gaining in popularity over the years. In 2008 the international organisation called ‘USE-IT Europe’ was founded to help more young people with creating their own city maps.There are now 40 cities in the USE-IT network, including Barcelona, Brno, Budapest, Nantes, Turin, Milan, Prague, Porto and Venice.

Check out USE-IT Zagreb here.

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