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Zagreb firefighters make 544 interventions due to earthquake

(Photo: HINA/Damir SENČAR)

ZAGREB, March 25 (Hina) – From Sunday morning to Wednesday afternoon, Zagreb’s firefighters made 544 emergency interventions due to the earthquake which struck the capital, participating in six rescue operations and putting out 11.

Most interventions pertained to removing parts of damaged buildings, supporting walls, removing obstructions from roads, and other technical interventions, it was said on Wednesday by the Fire Incident Control Centre of the Croatian Firefighting Association (HVZ).

In the wider Zagreb area, firefighters made 98 interventions. Removing parts of buildings which could still fall on the road is still a priority, and interventions are still to be made on a large number of buildings.

HVZ states that all seven trucks of the Zagreb Fire Department are in the field, as well as three of the Elicom, ZG Holding and HEP companies, and one truck from the Croatian Army. Firefighters from Virovitica, Bjelovar, Slunj, Sisak, Varazdin, and Karlovac joined in the effort with their fire engines.

Chief Firefighting Commander Slavko Tucakovic publicly thanked all members of fire departments for their participation in interventions in the areas affected by the 5.5 earthquake.

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