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Zagreb Coffee & Chocolate Festival in Pictures

Zagreb Coffee and Chocolate Festival (photo: Antun Čerovecki)

Zagreb Coffee and Chocolate Festival (photo: Antun Čerovecki)

By Tina Odinsky-Zec

The 5th Zagreb Coffee and Chocolate Festival was held in Zagreb last week. It was estimated to be visited by around 100,000 domestic and foreign guests attracted by the sweet fragrances coming from the festival tent on the main square Trg Ban Jelačić…

Rain could not keep the crowds from steadily flowing in to dine on chocolate creations and coffee blends. From the coldest ice cream and gelato to flavour infused hot chocolate and coffee beverages, there was something for anyone who considers themselves fans of these two addictive pleasures. The innovations this year included one chocolate producer who adds edible glitter in the form of real gold and silver slivers to their bars of chocolates, Chocome (chocome.hu) from Hungary. Another top treats was not even for human consumption, cakes and biscuits perfected for man’s (and woman’s) best friends by dog bakery — Hov Hov (www.pasjapekarna.com).


Personally, I could not resist the outstanding customer service and product quality of gelato company, Gustolato (www.dreamlab.hr) particularly their hazelnut and chocolate gelato which featured whole roasted hazelnuts in a mousse like milk chocolate base. The director of the festival, Sanja Bančević Medenica, was very pleased that the event has now become the largest such festival in the region and attracts tour groups who make it stop when visiting Zagreb this time each year. The tradition offers a showcase for some of Croatia’s oldest confectionaries to gain new fans but also welcomes smaller vendors with their handmade specialities. Next year, the event plans to welcome even more chocoholics and caffeine lovers as well as vendors from here and abroad. . I could not leave without a bag full of Bagolo (www.bagolo.hr) chocolate goodness for my Valentines.

Zagreb Coffee and Chocolate Festival in pictures (photos: Antun Čerovecki)




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