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Young Croats Leaving Croatia for Opportunity not Necessity, Says PM

CroatiaCroatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanović insists that young Croatians are not leaving Croatia to work abroad because they have to, but because of greater opportunities, despite the nation having an unemployment rate of close to 22%…

Milanović made the statement on Wednesday in Parliament after he was asked from the floor why so many young Croats are heading off overseas.

“Mathematicians and physicists are leaving…those are big losses, but they are not leaving ‘to put bread in their stomachs’, but for opportunity,” said the PM, who believes that the statistics are not quiet accurate as many Croats, he says, are not interested in finding a job.

Croatia’s unemployment rate stands at 21.1% and Milanović says that his government will continue with reforms to create more jobs.

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