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World’s Longest Venomous Snake in Zadar

zadar‘Čudesan svijet zmija’ (The magical world of snakes), an exhibition of live snakes from all over the world, is currently going on for the first time in the Dalmatian city of Zadar…

The exhibition, which features Neven Vrbanić private collection of exotic snakes, which is the largest in Croatia, is being held at City Loggia (Narodni Trg) until 1 September. More than 20,000 people visited the exhibition when it was held in Zagreb.

Zadar locals and tourists will have the chance to see live some of the most famous snakes in the world with more than 50 types of snakes on display, including the king cobra, black mamba, gaboon viper, rattlesnakes, and many more.

One snake which is sure to create interest will be the king cobra, which is the world’s longest venomous snake. The king cobra is found predominantly in forests from India through Southeast Asia. The species are the world’s longest venomous snake, with a length up to 18.5 to 18.8 ft. It preys chiefly on other snakes and occasionally on some other vertebrates, such as lizards and rodents.

At the exhibition it will be possible for visitors to hold the snakes that are not venomous in their hands and take photos with them.

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