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World’s First Electric Yacht Offering Equity Through Crowdfunding


Cadia Yachts were in Croatia last year meeting with Rimac Automobil, the Croatian innovators behind the world’s first electric super car – the Concept One, to identify further steps that need to be taken for the manufacturing of the first 100% electric yacht. Since then there have been a number of developments, including a chance for equity in the project via crowdfunding…

Cadia Yachts plan to disrupt the traditional practices in the yachting industry by bringing to the world the first 100% electric yacht. Cadia 34E is going to be a hard top luxury electric yacht with a length of 10.2m and maximum speed of 30kn (55,5km/h). Range at full load is calculated to be up to 3h (133km) with cruising speed 24kn (44,4km/h). The boat is extremely light (3630kg) and will be manufactured using the most innovative technologies and environmentally friendly materials.

Cadia Yachts’ fundraising campaign is active until the end of 2015 on the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform with a secondary market Cadia Startup Exchange. The company will trading shares under the symbol CADYA with a current share price of 1€ by offering 2MM shares. This amounts for 20% of the company. Minimum investment is 50€ which opens the project to ‘retail’ investors regardless of their income.

“This is limited time offer which is active until January 2016,” said Jure Valant, Founder & CEO of Cadia Yachts. “The official company valuation is for 46MM. During the period of our crowdfunding campaign we offer 20% of Cadia Yachts for 2MM. This is a unique chance for investors, small and big, to become shareholders of Cadia Yachts with a very reasonable share price and later trade their shares on the secondary market. The yachting industry is quite distanced from crowdfunding and we are thrilled by the fact to make the two sectors meet for the sake of a more energy efficient future for the planet.”
The design of the electric boat Cadia 34E will be the work of the established Italian designer Mauro Sculli from Sculli Studio. He is going to bring his brilliant creativity to the style of the luxury electric boat and his unique approach to interior layout and design. Final renderings of the work will be announced in December 2015 as seen in the electric yacht project timeline.

Cadia Yachts project for the first 100% electric yacht is backed by two years of extensive research. The result is a high performance pleasure boat manufactured with revolutionary innovative materials and technologies throughout the whole yacht – from the hull design and shape to the boat control options and interior design. Cadia 34E is the only yacht on this planet that will never pollute the environment. The fundamental principle underlying the electric boat project is the utilization of the lightest, most sustainable and cutting-edge solutions in order to provide a silent, efficient and environmentally-friendly sailing experience.

In order to establish a more open communication with potential investors, Cadia Yachts announced a free Live online event “Why to Invest in Cadia Yachts” on 12 November 2015. Speakers on the webinar will be Jure Valant, the idea generator of Cadia Holding, and Severin Visnar, the technical mind behind Cadia Yachts. Investors will have the chance to get answers to all their questions live from the creators of the electric yacht.

Due to local regulatory restrictions Cadia Yachts project is not open for investors from USA and Canada. The equity crowdfunding platform Cadia Startup Exchange is working on opening the platform for accredited investors from North America in 2016.

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