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World Cup: Tickets for Croatia – Japan and knockout phase info

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Ticket sales for the Croatian fan sectors for Croatia’s round of 16 match against Japan on Monday at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar are underway.

The Croatian Football Federation invites all Croatian fans who want to buy tickets for the knockout stages to do so immediately while they are still available, noting that, in the event that Croatia does not reach the next stage of the competition, everyone will be given a refund.

Ticket sales for the knockout stages are available exclusively online here at the following prices:

Croatia – Japan

Category 1: HRK 2,247.20 (€298.25)
Category 2: HRK 1,685.40 (€223.69)
Category 3: HRK 789.70 (€104.81)


Category 1: HRK 3,487.40 (€462.86)
Category 2: HRK 2,363.80 (€313.73)
Category 3: HRK 1,685.40 (€223.69)


Category 1: HRK 7,822.80 (€1,038.26)
Category 2: HRK 5,395.40 (€716.09)
Category 3: HRK 2,925.60 (€388.29)

3rd-4th place

Category 1: HRK 3,487.40 (€462.86)
Category 2: HRK 2,475.10 (€328.50)
Category 3: HRK 1,685.40 (€223.69)


Category 1: HRK 13,149.30 (€1745.21)
Category 2: HRK 8,204.40 (€1,088.91)
Category 3: HRK 4,944.90 (€656.30)

After purchasing World Cup tickets, fans should apply for a Hayya card. In addition to the ticket number, fans also need personal information to receive a Hayya card. After approval, the digital version of the card will be available in the Hayya mobile application.

The Hayya digital card will allow fans to enter the country, stadiums and provides free access to public transport services (metro, buses that will take fans from airports/border crossings to various destinations). 

The Hayya application contains all the information fans need during their stay in the State of Qatar.

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