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Who is Your Average Croat?

CWRecently the Federal Statistical Office of Germany published statistical data of all aspects of life in Germany, revealing that the average German is Thomas Müller (most common first and last name), a 178cm-tall, 43-year-old that earns 2,054 euros a month and eats 88 kilos of meat per year. So who is the average Croat, daily Vecernji list describes them based on statistical averages…

The average Croat is named Ivan Horvat, he is 176cm tall, is 39 years old and earns nearly three times less than his German counterpart (722 euros a month). Not only does Ivan earn less, he eats 25 kilos less meat a year (63 kilos). Ivan will most likely name his son Luka, and daughter Lana, and drink 42 litres of wine a year, 17 litres more than Thomas Müller. Ivan also enjoys the odd beer or three, knocking back 82 litres a year. Another area where Ivan has Thomas beat, is the ability to enjoy time in the sun. Germany has 1,983 sunshine hours a year, whilst the Croatian island of Hvar alone has 2,726.

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