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Who are Croatia’s Largest Export Companies?

CroatiaOnly five Croatian companies last year managed to crack the 1 billion kuna (130 million EUR) mark in foreign trade, down from seven companies who hit the magical number the previous year…

According to Lider magazine’s list of the biggest Croatian export companies in 2013, oil giants INA held onto the top spot with 8.3 billion kuna (1.1 billion EUR) in exports, 10% less than they realised in 2012. There was no change in the top five from 2012, with pharmaceutical company Pliva behind INA, followed by leather company Boxmark Leather, chemical firm Petrokemija and Croatia Airlines.

Top 5 Exporters in 2013:

1. INA – 8.3 billion kuna
2. Pliva – 2.1 billion kuna
3. Boxmark Leather – 1.9 billion kuna
4. Petrokemija – 1.6 billion kuna
5. Croatia Airlines – 1.01 billlion kuna
6. Ericsson Nikola Tesla – 968 million kuna
7. ENI Croatia – 908 million kuna
8. Podravka – 811 million kuna
9. TLM TVP – 749 million kuna
10. KONČAR – 746 million kuna

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