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Where to eat on Korčula? 5 great places to dine at 


The island of Korčula is located on Croatia’s southern Dalmatian coast and is arguably one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Thanks to the island’s history, nature, gorgeous beaches and food and wine, Korčula is one of the country’s true gems. 

When it comes to cuisine, there are plenty of options where you will not be disappointed. Dobra hrana have compiled a list of five places which will make you want to return to. 


Aterina (Photo: Facebook)

With charming decor and simplicity, Aterina is located in a quieter corner of the Old Town. 

“As far as appetizers are concerned, you can find, among other things, chickpea spread with salted anchovies, pršut, marinated anchovies, toasted bread with pesto, rocket and walnuts and a soup of the day chosen by chef, Maja Kršinić. Prices range from 15 to 100 kuna. From the main dishes there are lentils with herbs, macaroni with pesto, tomato, shrimps, egg plant, chickpeas with fish and vegetables. All range from 90 to 130 kuna.”

Aterina (Photo credit: Aterina – Korcula)

Address: Trg korculanskih klesara i kipara 2


Pensatore (Photo: Facebook)

Pensatore is located on the eastern coast of the Old Town and specialises in traditional Dalmatian dishes, included their popular boiled lamb. 

(Photo: Pensatore/Facebook)

Address: Šetalište Petra Kanavelića

Konoba Mate

Konoba Mate (Photo: Facebook)

Opened in 2000 and in the Michelin Star Guide for Croatia, Konoba Mate is located in the village of Pupnat and serves homemade, local delicacies and interesting deserts such as cake with dark beer ice cream, chocolate cake with red pepper and basil pralines.

(Photo: Konoba Mate/Facebook)

Address: Pupnat 28, Pupnat

Konoba Maslina

(Photo: Konoba Maslina)

Located a few kilomtres from the Old Town heading towards Lumbarda in Sveti Anton, Konoba Maslina is a well known family-operated konoba serving fantastic food. Fish, meat and traditional macaroni from the village of Žrnovo are on the menu.

Address: Lumbarajska ulica 

Konoba Maha

Konoba Maha (Photo: Facebook)

Konoba Maha is located 8 km on the main road from Korčula heading towards Vela Luka on the other end of the island. With a great terrace, the family-run ranch has traditional Dalmatia ambience. The menu includes Korčula macaroni, lamb, goat, pasta with truffles, peka and more.

(Photo: Facebook)

Address: Vrsi Žrnovo

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