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WATCH: Samoans entertain Dinamo Zagreb fans ahead of Champions League play-off

The Kiwi-Samoans performing at Maksimir stadium last night (Screenshot)

ZAGREB, 22 AUGUST, 2019 –  It has been quite a ride for New Zealand-based Samoan brothers Christian and Austin Malietoa-Brown this past year. 

A video in a car which they made spontaneously 12 months ago has led to the brothers singing in front of 24,000 people before Dinamo Zagreb’s UEFA Champions League play-off match last night. 

Their rendition of Mladen Grdovic’s ‘Nije u šoldima sve’ after Croatia beat England to reach the World Cup final has reached over 1 million people on the internet and it helped them become popular in Croatia, securing them gigs up and down the country. 

After jamming last week with Grdovic himself, the highlight of their year came last night for them when they got the chance to sing at Maksimir stadium ahead of Dinamo’s clash with Rosenborg. The brothers sung part of the Mladen Grdovic and Bepo Matesic song ‘Za ljubav ja dao bi sve’, changing the lyric ‘ljubav’ to ‘Dinamo’. 

“It was such an honour to be able to sing in Maksimir in front of 24,000 people. I have been Dinamo since my second trip to Croatia 8 years ago. I stayed in Zagreb and they told me that from that moment on I must support Dinamo. Since then I have always used “kaj” instead of “što” or “šta” and have been a Dinamo fan,” Christian said, before adding.

“Last year Austin joined as well when we stayed in Dubrava in Zagreb and now a year later here we are performing for our team. We get so much shit for it everywhere we go but we have stayed true to our team and tonight they stayed true to us. Dinamo U Srcu.”

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Christian was first introduced to Croatian music by his school music teacher who was from Dubrovnik. Christian and Austin were also part of Klapa Samoana when they toured Croatia last 4 years ago with Kralj Tomislav from Auckland.

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