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Voucher System to Make Part-Time Employment Easier


CroatiaCroatia’s Labour Minister Mirando Mrsić has announced today that new laws set to be introduced will make it a lot easier in Croatia to employ part-time workers, especially in the tourism sector…

Speaking today at the 26th Catering and Tourism Congress in Pula, Mrsić said that the new laws about to be introduced will mean that employers (individuals or businesses) will be able to purchase vouchers from the government, which will include local taxes and contributions, to use to pay part-time and seasonal workers. The voucher system is aimed to make current difficult employment regulations easier and stimulate employment.

“These simple jobs, such as cleaning houses, probably will be treated as tax reliefs, so for such jobs a lower tax rate will be introduced,” said Mrsić, adding that the bill is expected to be passed through Parliament by consensus shortly.

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