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Višnjan Observatory raises over 1 million kuna for crucial projects

Višnjan Observatory

(Photo: Višnjan Observatory)

The Višnjan Observatory in Croatia has been overwhelmed with the support it has received after raising over one million kuna to improve facilities in Tičan near the Istrian village of Višnjan. 

Last month, the Višnjan Observatory launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Croinvest platform to raise funds for two crucial projects – a geodetic dome for educational programs and bungalows for the accommodation of guests (students, professors, and mentors).

The initial goal was to raise 635,000 kuna to complete the geodetic dome but that was soon exceeded so the target of 1,185,000 to complete the second project was set and that was also exceeded. 

With one day remaining the campaign has raised 1.295.489,00 kuna.

The Croatian astronomical observatory in Višnjan is one of the world’s best asteroid hunters, and probably the most prominent Croatian organisation that has been educating future Croatian scientists for several decades. 

The Višnjan Observatory has been at the very top of the world for more than 40 years when it comes to exploring asteroids. The small observatory in the heart of Istria was ahead of NASA in 2018 and 2019, discovering and documented over 1,400 asteroids.

support the Višnjan Observatory’s crowdfunding campaign

Korado Korlević (Photo: Višnjan Observatory)

The founder of the Višnjan Observatory, Korado Korlević, is not only an award-winning communicator and selfless sharer of knowledge, but also one of the most successful asteroid hunters in the world.

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