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[VIDEO]Croatian Mechanic Becomes World Arm Wrestling Champion at Age 47

CroatiaCroatian tough guy Dražen Kogl has become the Arm Wrestling World Champion at the age of 47-years-old…

The auto mechanic from Križevci in central Croatia has won the World Arm Wrestling title in Vilnius, Lithuania, where more than 2,000 competitors from 40 countries battled it out to. Kogl, whose wife and son are also members of the Croatian Arm Wrestling team, says he gets a lot of practice for the sport in his job, by using his hands instead of tools to tighten and loosen parts of the car.
“It is part of my training, plus it means I save money because I don’t need to buy too many tools,” jokes Kogl, who picked up a gold medal in the right-handed over 40 competition and a silver in the left-handed competition also at the European Championships recently.

Kogl is now the current Croatian, European and World Arm Wrestling champion in both hands. Even though he is 47-years-old, the likeable Kogl has no plans to retire yet, he says he will be in Sofia next year to defend his world title. (Croatian Arm Wrestling Federation)



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