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VIDEO: Zagreb Zoo welcomes cute baby wallaby

(Photo credit: Zagreb ZOO)

ZAGREB, 23 August 2020 – The Zagreb family of swamp wallabies are growing in number from year to year. Recently, the third descendant of the Belgian-French kangaroo pair was born.

Four-year-old Skibo and his one-year-younger partner at the Zagreb Zoo have been making love since day one. Thanks to that, they have already had two sons and now the latest baby, whose gender is still unknown, Zagreb ZOO said. 

Their eldest son is already a year and three months old, the middle eleven months, and the youngest offspring is about four months old.

(Photo credit: Zagreb ZOO)

“Every new baby makes us happy, but when a couple of animals in a zoo manages to raise several generations, it is a great success for all who take care of them. Our swamp wallabies share their habitat with red-necked wallabies and emu and together with them, they represent the magnificent fauna of distant Australia. It is important for us that our visitors, after being delighted with them, feel the need to contribute to the preservation of all animal species with which we share the planet,” said Damir Skok, director of the Zagreb Zoo.

Swamp wallabies in nature inhabit forests, wetlands, and other areas of the east coast of Australia rich in vegetation. They love living in the shade of trees and shrubs on a substrate rich in young trees, grass, ferns, and other low vegetation.

The baby peeking out of the pouch (Screenshot/Zagreb ZOO)

There are about eighty types of plants on their menu – from leaves and seeds to mushrooms and algae. In zoos, original Australian food is successfully replaced by buds, grass, and vegetables.

The swamp wallaby quiver is about 70 centimetres tall and weighs between 15 and 20 kilograms. His fur is mostly dark brown, and many swamp wallabies have yellowish streaks on their cheeks.

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